How does KVAR EC save me money?

The KVAR EC is installed as close to the motors or electrical equipment as possible. Reactive energy is stored within the KVAR EC unit itself, and this supplies the motors that same reactive energy that they need to run. Since the reactive energy is stored within the KVAR EC, there is no longer a need for it to be supplied by the electricity company.

Now, the power is no longer being pushed through your electrical infrastructure and wasted within your facility. The power being supplied to the individual pumps and motors is as close to 100% efficient (unity) as possible. This is known as optimizing the power factor. This results in a cooler distribution system where heat is no longer being lost in the form of watts (the unit in which you are billed). This also accounts for the reduction of between 6% — 25% electricity use, as there is no longer the need for excess power to be supplied. Instead, it is being constantly stored and recycled between the KVAR EC and your motors.

Depending upon the rate structure of your electricity company, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money on your electricity bills — both in terms of reduced consumption and in avoiding exceeding carbon tariffs. Optimizing the power factor can also help to offset the charges some utility companies make to compensate for their capital investment in serving a peak load. Other ancillary benefits to be gained by optimizing power factor are lower energy losses, better voltage regulation and released system capacity. Typically, motors show a higher starting torque and a shorter start-up time. By reducing heat in the motors, their lifespan is extended — so there are also gains to be made in capital investment.


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