Led Lighting


LED Bulbs / Linea home

Better lighting, better quality of life for home, office, hotel:

  • Bright, harmonious lighting
  • Low power consumption (80% saving relationship with incandescent lights)
  • Universal voltage (AC 100240V)
  • Universal thread (E26-E27)
  • No heat, does not attract insects
  • No mercury, no polluter
  • For 7 years

Color choice

1.Warm white, 3000K
2. Daylight, 4500K
3. Ultra White, 6500K

Led / Row Home Bars

New life for the kitchen and bathroom

LED light bars provide more options for the design interior.Son nes bri ght lights, low consumption and long life, they do not generate heat, fit tight spaces and are easily zan instalar.Se also used in display cases and merchandisers jewelry stores, supermarkets, and as mark ers paths in theaters, subway stations, etc.. Colors in three shades of soft co, as well as red, blue, green and yellow, and changing fixed RGB colors.


Depending on use different connectors exist including interconnecting bars.

Backlights or "back lights" 'give relief and
distinction to ambientesinteñores.

Dichroic (Spot Light) / Line Home

Accent lighting will not damage paint or heats the room

The LED Spotlight, known in Spanish dkroicas comoluces, replace halogen lights with significant benefits: no heat, not harm the paint pigments, save 80% of electricity. Interior and exterior decorating using appropriate lampholder (ul architectural z), and many appreciate that not attract insects. They are used in the home and especially in art galleries and museums. Available in 12VAC and 240VAC 100 .... for direct connection without an adapter.

  • Models: MA16, GU10, E27
  • PAR: 20, 30 y 38
  • Dimmable and non dimmable, choice (different price).
  • Choice of colors:
    Warm White 2700....3500K
    Neutral White 4000...4500K
    Ultra White 5500....6500K

LED Spot Lights MR16

AC/DC - Non-Dimmable 1 Dimmable


LED Ceiling Lights - Classic Line

LED ceiling lights 1 Extra ventilation

They have control brightness dimmable (dimmable function)

LED Ceiling Lights UL Listed 1

Flexible LED Strip / Strip Light

New resources for interior design (and outside)

• Outdoor use of flexible LED strips (strip lights), it is now possible thanks to the new generation IP65 "waterproof. '"
• Another breakthrough: strips voltage AC 100 "'
240V no need to use adapters, more savings.
• Now double row of diodes, more lighting power (90W)
• Raising standards of quality in the robotic assembly ensure more effectiveness and durability products.
• New epoxy resins and silicone tubes improvements enable sealing strips of flexible circuits.
• Drivers of reliable quality

Available products:
1) UL You
2) Single and double row of diodes
3) Waterproof

Low & High Voltage Flexible LED 1 Llghts

Double Row 1 Flexible LED Lights


Tubos T8-LED / Office - home

Save 80% compared to 45% with incandescent and fluorescent

In offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and public buildings, and even at home, the LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes with enormous advantages.
Why LED tubes are so successful? The most visible factor is saving 80% less electricity if the
Compare with incandescent lights and 40% with fluorescent lamps. In addition, light instantly, no "'flash' or make noises, the light is steady, moderate vibration and shock resistant. And last but not least do not contain mercury and also attract insects.
Last ten times longer than fluorescent tubes and have 3 year warranty.
Available products:
1) Inner Driver and former fear
2) Direct connection
3) Soft Diffuser ("Milky")
4) UL Listed

They can be ordered with two-pin connector or pin.

UL Listed / LED T-8 Tube

LED T-8 Tube / External Driver

El Driver LED está protegido contra corto-circuitos, cortes sucesivos y sobrecargas de corriente.


LED T-8 Tube / "One-Pin"


LED T-8 Tube / "U" Type

• Immediate start. No flickering or buzzing. No heated. no UV or attract insects.
• Save 45% energy compared to fluorescent tubes.
• With or without UL certified customer choice.

LED Panels / Office - home

Replace fluorescent tubes, saving 50%
They are used to replace fluorescent tubes in offices, workshops, public buildings, hotel corridors, parkinglot and every workplace. LED panels have many advantages: they can be used as ceiling light and also column and wall as decoration. Save up to 50% compared with fluorescent. Fired immediately illuminate evenly flicker or noise and last 10 times longer than the tubes. They do not generate heat or emit ultraviolet (UV), also attract insects.


• Available in 100 .. for direct connection 240VAC and 24VAC 12 ...
• Power: 15, 27, 50,48 and 85 Watt.
• Equivalence: 30.54, 100.96 and 170 Watt
• Sizes: 120x60cm, 120x30cm,
60x60cm, 60x30cm, 30x30cm
• warm white colors, neutral and ultra
RGB (red, green, blue, yellow)

LED Panel Light / Square


Dimmable LED Panel Light


Industrial Line LED-SAFETY

1. Explosion-proof LED mining lamp
2. LED lamp and underground tunnel.
3. Lamp LED high bay light for warehouses and stores
4. LED canopy lamp for gas station
5. y 6. LED lamp reflector for outdoor lighting (integrated chip modules)

Industrial Line LED-MINING

The anti-explosion LED lights are designed to operate in environments where they may eventually accumulate gas and coalbed methane gas, which are highly flammable and explosive. Common applications:

• Coal mines and other environments where gases accumulate.
• Tunnels, underground laboratories, etc..
• Deposits of fuels and chemicals

Available in two models:12W / 18W
Voltaje: AC 70..280Vy OC 16....24V

Light color choice:
Warm White 2700....3500K
Neutral white 4000....4500K
Ultra blanco 5500..6500K

High industrial protection against environmental, climatic and usage.


LED Lighting Controls - TUNNEL LIGHTS

Illuminating tunnels, corridors and underground mines sites

The LED lamps tunnels used indoors or forced ventilation where gases can accumulate and which requires lighting lamps with high brightness and low security risk. They are used in tunnels and subways in general.

Available in 85-265V AC
Range of power: 5CJ.N,. 320W

3500Lm ... 25,000Lm

Light color choice:
Warm White 2700...3500K
neutral white 4000...4500K
Ultra White 5500..6500K

Lighting Controls LED - LIGHT CELLAR

Illuminating workspaces, better, from large and medium height

Lighting quality, uniform and stable until the edges in large work areas, has become the mo LED warehouse ces or "High Bay lights" in the new professional standard lighting have many advantages. Ignite immediately, do not generate heat, and last longer than most remarkable 50000Hs is saving 80% in energy consumption. they are used in all types of industrial buildings, factories and large stores. the fact that heat is not a factor particularly appreciated refrigerators, food stores, and many other flowers.

• Available in 100., 260 VAC and 12 .. 24VDC for solar power.
• With brightness control, optional
• Three shades of white (WW, NW, CN)
• With diffusing screen, optional
• Power: 30W 200W ..
• IP65: for indoor and outdoor use

Lamps cellar 120 °, 90 ° and 45 ° of angular lighting

LED Lights / Gas Stations


Reflective LED Lights



Power: 10W - 90W
Voltaje: AC 85-265v, opcional OC 12-24V
Color blanco: WW 3000K, NW 4500K, CW GSOOK Colores fijos: red, green, blue, yellow+ RGB


Protection: IP65



Power: SOW- 280W Voltaje:AC 90-305, 700mA
LED source: rebel chip, 90% efficiency
Modules in parallel, constant LED Driver, multicanaly single channel.
Protection: IP68 (lamp) and IP67 (driver)


Conventional Line / Reflector Lights

Withstands extreme weather conditions, ideal for outdoor

They are recommended for light industrial yards, factories, parking lots of shopping malls and airports. They are also used to illuminate billboards in public funds, residences and with input from RGB colors are also used in architectural lighting projects. The intensity of light can be used using dimmers. With the use of light sensors and motion, they are used as security lights.

Its versatility and sharpness uses including for architectural lighting.


1) industrial line
2) home-shopping online

Power: 10W 90W
Colors: warm white, neutral and ultra
RGB (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Manual control of lighting effects
Current: AC and OC to use solar energy.


Reflective LED Lights / Line Modular (CE)

Scalable modular technology challenges over time

The modular technology has solved the problem of obsolescence of the lamps and the huge cost of cyclically replaced by more modern when new developments so indicate: the modules are interchangeable, and if one fails it can be replaced without change the lamp the same applies in the event that future availability of more powerful modules, lower power or whatever. Modules are easily connected and disconnected without major impact on the cost of labor Housing, the driver and other accessories continue to provide service. The significant savings this implies is the comparative advantage of the modular lamps.

1) modules in parallel. Constant multi-channel LED Driver
2) modules in series. LED constant onver single channel
3) Power: 50W ... 280W
4) Duration 50000Hs, warranty 5 years.

robustness of modular reflector lamps (IP68) allows unrestricted use outdoors. There is a model for every need


Street lighting / LED Street Lights

New modular concept provides superior service and savings

The modules can be replaced easily mind even with the installed lamp, this helps to maintain and modernize the unit in the event of future technological developments warrant the change r for new generation modules. The same batch pre lamp may continue services without a complete replacement.

Available in two models:

Low power - 50W y 80W, en OC 12...24V for use with Solar Energy, with an option for AC 90...305V

High power -80W ... 280V AC for direct network connection without adapter.

Choice of colors:
Warm White 2700...3500K
Neutral white 4000...4500K
Ultra White 5500..6500K

The light distribution mode adopted "Bath-wing" or rectangular format, which is required by international standards for street lighting and roads.


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